Hiking on Mile Mountain
About 800 m above sea level.

This will be a non-advanced level hiking, however we recommend suitable sneakers and about 3 kg of water. But also a sandwich or something.

The top of this mountain has been the point of pilgrimage from the people of the area, in the Paleolithic era, until pre-Christian times. Living evidence is found on the outskirts of the mountain, and new stories from time to time surround this mountain where we will go for hiking.
But what makes this mountain more attractive is the nature itself, and the spectacular view. Absolutely one of the sights that makes you fall in love immediately. We will hikr through a path, surrounded by oaks and plane trees, with a deep greenery. From the top of the mountain we will be able to see Saranda, Ksamil, Butrint, Corfu, three lakes, rivers, islands, peninsula, and everything else that the mythical gods have given to this area, without sparing.

Option 1

* Departure from Saranda by taxi 9 am.
* We will be near the village of Shkallë, and get ready for hiking.
* Hiking lasts about 3 hr climbing the mountain, and equally descending the mountain.
* Consume the food which will have with us, and take a break at the top of Mile mountain.
* The break will be approx 1 hr.
.* Approx 5 pm will be in Shkallë village, back again.
* Approx 6 pm, we will reurn in Saranda.


Group – 2 people = 4.500 Lek pp
Group – 3 people = 4.000 Lek pp
Group – 4 people = 3.500 Lek pp
Group – 5 people = 3.000 Lek pp
Groups from 5 to 15 people,
the same as the group with 5 people.

Option 2

* Continuation of the day…

* Early dinner in Shkallë village, with a locals.
* Local traditional food, in one of the village houses.
* The dinner will be approx 5 pm to 6:30 pm.
* The price includes drinks: Wine and raki, homemade.
* Approx 8 pm will be back in Saranda.

All Inclusive Price:

Group – 2 people = 6.000 Lek pp
Group – 3 people = 5.500 Lek pp
Group – 4 people = 5.000 Lek pp
Group – 5 people = 4.500 Lek pp
Group – 6 people = 4.000 Lek pp
Group – 7 people = 3.500 Lek pp
Groups from 8 to 15 people, 3.300 Lek pp