I am Bledi Budo. I am born in the city of Saranda, Albania. I studied at the Vocational School for Hotel / Tourism / Saranda, and I am currently attending the University of Tirana / Saranda Branch for English language.
In addition to autonomous life, as I shared above, I was able to pursue studies, mainly in the field of Tourism, for which I was more interested. And to be more complete in this area, I am also a taxpayer of my Web site named Saranda Experience.
These are basic elements that define my initial idea, to go on another dimension, which is work in practice, and the working group set up to help specifically visitors, in the districts of Saranda, Delvina, and beyond.
And this is the main reason that I invite you to follow me on my web-page and social media network, in order to see and understand how the set of services works for the benefit of all.
I can finally proudly tell you my profession: I AM AN INDEPENDENT TRAVEL CONSULTANT.

I am interested to meet as many people as possible from all over the world. This has always happened, and of course I will not stop making special friends, or group of friends who have desire to visit and to know my country, all over Albania, but in a point we are more focused on guiding the district of Saranda, with north-south extension from Konispoli to Borsh, and extension west-east from Saranda to Delvina.